About the Journal

In short, the York Policy Review will be the UK’s first graduate peer-reviewed online journal focused on Social Policy. Published annually, the first edition was launched in March 2015.

Ran by students for students, the journal aims to publicise graduate social policy research to as wide an audience as possible, and avoid the delays and costs associated with ‘traditional’ publishing outlets.

The information below outlines the types of submissions the journal carries, and a broad outline of its focus. For more detail on the aims, governance and peer-review structures, please see the York Policy Review proposal.

How to get involved

The journal carries three different types of submissions.

1. A Research Paper

These are research papers of approximately 5,000 words (not including references), which take the form of ‘stand-alone’ research articles detailing the output of social science research. They must be original pieces and detail research findings. These will be published both online, and a selection in the hard copy journal.

2. Methods in Practice articles

These articles of approximately 1,500 to 2,000 words are for online-only publication, and take the form of an outline of methodological problems faced by research students, or the dissemination of interim findings or conclusions drawn about research methods. This format is designed to publicise research currently underway by graduate students, who have made research findings, but are not currently in a position to provide a full paper for publication. It also allows for the dissemination of academic material on methods, which is difficult for postgraduate students to attain in different outlets.

More information on our article submission procedure is available on our ‘Make a submission’ page.

3. Policy Analysis articles

These articles of approximately 1,500 words and for online publication only, are designed to provide a mechanism for undergraduate students to gain experience of writing for publication, and to become involved in the journal. They will focus on providing a short analysis or comment on certain policy issue or proposed policy change. They cannot be the submission of any course-focused academic work (for example, part of an undergraduate module essay).

What is a Social Policy topic?

‘Social Policy’ is a subject rather than a discipline, and it encompasses a broad range of topics which are concerned with socio-legal studies, welfare or social services (including education, health, housing, employment, environmental policy, crime), or structural causes of problems or changes in these areas (such as inequality, gender, poverty, sexuality etc).

If you are unsure whether your research fits the scope of the journal, please email the editorial team at: submissions@yorkpolicyreview.co.uk.