Volume Three: The Mental Capacity Act – What does it mean for Social Policy? – Guest Edited by Gillian Loomes, Department of Sociology, University of York

The United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union; Donald Trump as the President-Elect of the United States; Marie Le Pen as a contender for the French Presidency, and an upcoming constitutional referendum, which may trigger a Eurozone crisis, in Italy. Given the landscape of 2016, it is tempting to focus on the geo-political: those processes on the supranational and international plane which have proved so capricious over the course of this year.

It is important in Social Policy research, however, to not neglect the day-to-day reality of how policies affect their targeted populations. The impact on people’s lives, the decisions taken by administrative workers, and opportunities to improve regulation and policymaking, are all part of the core focus of Social Policy research. Detail matters. This is why the York Policy Review has launched a Special Edition programme, where dedicated volumes have the space to provide a forensic focus on specific problems, policy areas, or pieces of legislation.

This edition, our third volume, is the first of these – “The Mental Capacity Act: What does it mean for Social Policy?” – guest edited by Gillian Loomes, Department of Sociology, University of York. It addresses one of the most extensive legislative interventions in mental health, affecting approximately 2 million individuals at any given time. Loomes’ editorial provides a detailed overview of the submissions and an introduction to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which provide their focus.

The York Policy Editorial Board is delighted to present such an engaging set of papers as part of this special edition. Our thanks go to Gillian Loomes, who has worked tirelessly to bring this volume together. The quality of this edition and the complimentary focus of the submissions contained within it are testament to her efforts. Our thanks also go to the authors of the articles – Julie Latchem, Elaine James, Lois McMillan and Helen Cain – for their excellent submissions.

The York Policy Review Editorial Board

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