Volume Three


York Policy Review Editorial Board – November, 2016

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Gillian Loomes (Special Edition Editor), Department of Sociology, University of York – November, 2016

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Research Papers

Troubling researcher-led recruitment: the self-selection of brain-injured adults who lack capacity to consent

Julie Latchem, PhD Student at the School of Social Sciences, University of Cardiff – November, 2016

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Participation of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the UK 2015 General Election

Elaine James, Calderdale Council (Writing in a Personal Capacity) – November, 2016

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Policy Analysis

The Mental Capacity Act: an unsuitable assessment in cases of anorexia nervosa?

Helen Cain, B.A. Student in Social and Political Sciences, University of York – November, 2016

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 Is an Advance Decision always ableist?

Lois McMillan, M.A. Student, Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York – November, 2016

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