Volume Two

Editorial Foreword

Editorial Board – February, 2016

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Research Papers

Calculating social value: a critical analysis of how social value is constructed, understood and utilised within public sector value-for-money decision- making

Rachael Morgan, PhD Student at the Leverhulme Centre for Social Value University of Manchester – February, 2016

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Making sense of mortality, while caring without a care: a qualitative study of palliative dementia carers, coping mechanisms and care-worker support in the UK

Katie Ann Smith, MRes in Social Policy University of York – February, 2016

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A role for markets in policing? A critique of the arguments

Rory Kelly, Research Assistant at the Law Commission – February, 2016

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Privatisation in Hong Kong’s housing policy: the social consequences on young professional first- time buyers

Hoi Ying Chan, MA in Social Policy, University of York – February, 2016

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Undergraduate Policy Analysis

Should the government be encouraged to introduce Sharia-compliant student finance to the UK?

Rupali Choudhury, BA Student in Social and Political Sciences, University of York – February, 2016

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